Book Updates

May 11, 2022

I got a little sidetracked over the last few months with work and some other projects, but at this point, about 2/3 of the book is written, and I will be dedicating a lot of my spare time over the next few months to finishing it. May 28th will be one year anniversary of Pupples ascending into the stars, and sharing her legacy with others is the my most important goal - I want to share and celebrate her life, and honor the unconditional love and companionship she gifted me with.

I am currently working on site updates and fine tuning the direction I want the Dog Parks on Mars Project to take, as a whole. There are a lot of things I envisioned for this and it is my dream to see them take form, and come to life.

Grief is a tricky beast - it can inspire you in some moments, and drag you down in others. This book is very intense for me to write because I pull from memories of Pupples' life to form the characters and plot lines in the book - so periodically, for my own mental health, I have to step away from it when I find myself getting way too wrapped up in my feels.

Pupples will inspire me and motivate me, forever. Just hang with me - I will get there! Thank you for your support!