Dog Parks on Mars Book Update: July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021
Dog Parks On Mars has been swirling around in my creative stores for a REALLY long time, now - almost an entire decade!
And now, Dog Parks on Mars should be pretty close to complete, by the end of this summer. The story, the art, and the logistics, are all steadily progressing!
I am working on getting this website functional, with different features to help readers stay aware of the latest progress on the story. Some sections are password protected, for now, as I finalize their layout.
I'm also going to be putting out a crowdfunding campaign soon, to help with costs involved. More book details, as well as some special reveals, will be shared once that's ready, as well as thank-you rewards to go along with different levels of donations.
A lot of hard-work and dedication is being put into this book, and it's going to be so, so precious!
This is Pupples' legacy, but it's also so much more, too. I can't wait to share all of the details! I hope you all love it!